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    Error when using Tableau Extract API: Hyper Server did not call back on the callback port

    Andre Bui



      I'm currently developing a web application that uses a Vagrant VM Ubuntu 18.04 environment. I've installed the Linux Python Extract API onto the VM, but whenever I attempt to create an extract using HyperExtract, I receive a failure:


      tableausdk.Exceptions.TableauException: TableauException (40200): Hyper Server did not call back on the callback port


      I've looked through previous discussions on this matter and haven't been able to implement a solution. I'm attempting to create .hyper files for publishing onto our Tableau server through the extract API and Tableau server client API.


      The thing is, I'm able to run all my Python code locally on my development machine; it's only when it is run on the VM that I'm encountering this error. Looking through the generated DataExtract .log file, I see this line:


      {"ts":"2019-06-18T15:06:48.565","pid":24766,"tid":"7f11d7af2940","sev":"fatal","req":"-","sess":"-","k":"startup-error","v":{"msg":"unable to initialize main database file","path":"/home/vagrant/proj/tableau_files/hyper_db_m9RTnUkU","error-msg":"unable to grow database file \"/home/vagrant/proj/tableau_files/hyper_db_m9RTnUkU\": Invalid argument","exception":{"type":"system_error","message":"Invalid argument","error-code":22,"error-category":"system","error-message":"Invalid argument"}}}


      It appears that the Extract API is having problems creating the temporary hyper_db and using that in the creation process. Any help would be appreciated.