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    VizAlerts Installation Questions

    sam john

      Hi Guys!


      We have Tableau Server installed in our company.  We send a bunch of reports to external clients who are not necessarily on Tableau as CSV files. Currently, we run a cron job and send the reports via email. We want to eliminate this process

      I started searching if Tableau had a built-in functionality and I came across VizAlerts. This looks really cool 


      Before we start implementing Vizalerts, I have a couple of questions and I wanted to clarify them here.


      Tableau Server Version: 2018.3.1 (20183.18.1128.2033) 64-bit Linux


      1. Our Tableau Server was installed and is currently maintained by our consultants. Approximately, based on experience, can you guys let me know how many hours do we need to setup VizAlerts and how complicated is it?

      2. Our primary use case is to send CSV files as an email attachment to external clients based on filters (If user = 'sam' send data related to sam and If user = 'Rose' send data related to Rose)

          Is VizAlerts right tool for this?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Matt Coles

          Hey Sam!


          1. One hour per Server instance assuming no difficulties / complexities with external load balancers or proxies. Does not include time needed for a scheduled restart of Tableau Server. Obviously, you should test on a non-production instance first, so "minimum of two hours" is the best answer. Setup is not super complicated, but you need to carefully review the manual and follow the instructions, or things will take much longer.

          2. Yes, it was built for this type of use case!

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi, adding to what Matt wrote: In addition to the 1-2 hours to set up, configuring each alert will take some time, here are the major steps:


            1. build the view that will be sent as a CSV & publish it

            2. identify the correct URL parameters for filtering the view

            3. build the source for the trigger viz (that would have rows for Sam, Rose, etc.) and if necessary build the data pipeline for keeping that up to date

            4. build the trigger viz with all of the required fields

            5. test that

            6. move into production


            Depending on the complexity of the alert this could take anywhere from <1 hour to a several days, the major variables are #1 and #3 if we don't have the views we want to send or don't have the list of recipients we want to send to.