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    Need to Color all columns values depending on the value of a column

    Sourav Raj

      Hi All,

      I have a table having details of a Employee activity and depending on his/her activity pattern, we have a column called emp_rag that highlights the employee behavior like if emp_rag is 1 than that specific employee is in Red zone, if 2 than in Yellow zone and if 3 than in Green zone.

      I have to show emp_id, emp_rag,emp_score, appl_id,app_name.... So for each employee there may be 1/2/3/All emp_rag, so in the Dashboard what I want to achieve is whenever we are selecting any employee_id, depending on the rag it should show the values of all columns according to its rag.


      emp_id     emp_rag     emp_score     app_id     app_name

      A              1                    1.2               xyz          dshadfash

                      1                     1.3               abc          dashkfha

                       2                      2.0               yrt          dasfaf


      so what I am trying to achieve is emp_score, app_id,app_name value should be in the color as per emp_rag value.


      Let me know if anyone has work on this requirement.


      Thanks in advance!