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    Inter Column Running Calculations

    Saumya Parekh


      I'm relatively new at using tableau and still not familiar how to use a lot of it's functions.

      I want to do an running calculation across the columns(Date) and Rows

      In the attached mock up file Inventory is only available for the first week and i need to calculate it for the rest of the weeks .

      Tableau Forum.PNG

      The Inventory on 20 June + Supply on 27 June - Base Demand on 27 June -Additional Demand on 27 June to get the Inventory of 27 June.

      Then use the Inventory Value of 27 June and all the other values on 4 July(like above) to get the Inventory value for the 4th of July and so on.


      To get results in inventory like below.

      Rows20 June 201927 June 20194 July 201911 July 201918 July 2019


      Base Demand808080


      Additional Demand60


      Also, Once the inventory is calculated I also want to know how can I write to calculation for the weeks of cover (WOC) field.

      I want to create a count based WOC such that I can see for how many weeks the inventory in a given week can sustain the total demand (base + additional).


      A packaged workbook is also attached to this,