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    Excel export - 5 different excel exports on 1 dashboard menu

    john penna

      download worksheets.jpg


      Apologies if this has already been answered, I have scoured the forum and cant find where you can export one dashboard... but 5 dashboards on 1 dashboard?


      I dont think this it can be done


      We are using a 3rd part Tableau server host so the API download Excel addon wont be installed anytime soon..


      The business do not like the download functionality of Tableau, this "Download" then select option etc. I must admit, its like 2-4 clicks to download but it works for me (if you select data and have 4 tables joined in a data model  all the data and columns from the 4 tables is pulled back? Thats a different issue/Tableau design problem)


      So rather than build dashboards I,m building an application, which is painful .Attached is a screen shot


      Basically there is a "Download section to the dashboard /application".


      Each of these buttons refers to a different dashboard but are appearing on 1 dashboard as containers (I had set actions to go off and open the dashboard where the users then see a data table which they can filter.)


      1)The business want to click the excel button and then get prompted for a parameter (like customer)


      Any help would be much appreciated. My option works but I think these 4 grey buttons need to be hyperlinks that go off to a dashboard then you can have a excel button..