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    Datadriven Alerts sends email Only once.

    Baalaaji Manivannan

      Hello All,

      Data Driven Alerts sends email only once. Even though the limit drops down and reaches again - No email is getting triggered. Is it a right behaviour.



      I have a sum of value is 2000, i keep alerts when sum of value is equal to or greater than 2500.

      In a day of time it reaches 2600. I get a alert email.

      Next day it falls back to 1800.

      Next day again it reaches 2800, Now i am not getting any email, Even though the current status is TRUE.


      I tired with - Weekly, Daily, As Frequently as possible, One time alert.


      It would be great if someone helps.



      Thanks in Advance.


      Daniel Stanish

      Ken Flerlage

      Hari Ankem