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    tablaeau expert challenge 1


      i dont understand the formulae for the higher frequency bin in the tableau expert challenge 1 that is

      {FIXED [Hour]: MAX(IF [Upper Bin Limit] = {FIXED [Hour]: MAX(IF {FIXED [Hour], [Bin]: SUM([Number of Records])} = {FIXED [Hour]: MAX({FIXED [Hour], [Bin]: IF NOT ISNULL(MIN({FIXED [Hour], [Bin]: MIN([Bin])})) THEN SUM([Number of Records]) END})} 

      THEN [Upper Bin Limit] END)} THEN [Bin] END)}

      can u explain me this formuale in a better and brief way


      @Max value from sheet 2 compare it with max valu... _Tableau Community Forumshttp://community.tableau.com/thread/238118