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    Year or Year KPI calc

    Amar Amar

      I'm trying to achieve the attached use case. When i select a date from the filter, it should be able to look for same month previous year and calculate the YoY %. How to achieve this. Please advise.


      I've attached the workbook.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Amar,


          Find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.5 located in your original post here:

          Year or Year KPI calc


          1. 01 D Order Date (Month / Year):


          2. 02 D Date: MAKEDATE(INT(MID(str([Order Date (Month / Year) Parameter]),1,4)),INT(MID(str([Order Date (Month / Year) Parameter]),5,2)),1)


          3. 01 M CY Sales: if  datediff('month',[Order Date],[01 D Date])=0 then [Sales] end


          4. 02 M PY Sales: if datediff('month',[Order Date],[01 D Date])=12 then [Sales] end


          5. 03 M YOY %: (sum([01 M CY Sales])-sum([02 M PY Sales]))/sum([02 M PY Sales])


          6. Drag the required calculated fields & measures to the indicated locations.


          tableau pica.jpg




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            Amar Amar

            it looks good. but can we do this without the parameter ...rather to implement this with a filter?

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              Norbert Maijoor



              Yes & No;) if you want to use filter you could define each measure on a separate sheet & bring the 3 sheets together in a dashboard. To my opinion a little cumbersome;)


              A lot folks don't like a parameter because it is not updated automatically but you could populate the parameter based on a clipboard action with all dates in the future:) 




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                Amar Amar

                ok. The parameter is the way to go as far as I know. but considering a dashboard is already done with filter, to avoid re write,


                I need to capture the selected date from the date filter and use it in date diff calc for selected month current year to selected month previous year.

                can you advice me on how can I achieve this using a filter