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    How to achieve difference between bars in this custom waterfall?

    Kashish Chauhan



      I am trying to build a custom waterfall by appending two data sources together (union).



      The above image shows what I have already made in Tableau. My requirement is to get another bar in between which would be the difference (((First bar - second bar) + third bar) - fourth bar)).


      How can we do this?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      1. First bar is the sum of last 5 years taken from the first sheet i.e. CY2017
      2. Second bar is the minimum year of first bar i.e. 2014 taken from second sheet i.e. CY2018
      3. Third bar is the maximum year of second sheet i.e. 2019
      4. Fourth bar is the sum of last 5 years of second sheet.


      Attaching the workbook  and the excel.