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    'Guided' reverse geocoding locations with lat/long co-ords

    Kartik Upadhyay

      My question/issue is as follows - I have a dataset with tens of thousands of users, including the latitude and longitude details (but no city/country etc). I can easily display this on a map (thank you Tableau!) but would like to aggregate these users into more meaningful geographical areas. The dataset is something like this:


      Pic 1.PNG

      And I want to fill the city column using a 'guided' reverse geo-coding approach, where I identify the centre of each city and a radius for each, and the City column is calculated based on whether the user falls within the given radius of a particular city (ie an imaginary circle drawn around the centre co-ordinates). Something like this:


      Pic 2.PNG

      Anyone know how to go about doing this through a calculated field in Tableau? Have attached both Excel files