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    Ranking Resets for each separate colour group

    Dave Divakar

      Hi All,


      Sorry for asking another question, I promise my frequency of asking question will go down as I gain more experience in Tableau - till then please bare with me.


      Ok about the problem that I have on hand:




      My Ranking resets when I drop in calculated field that colour values based on Negative & Positive.




      I have attached demo workbook but in summary, I have data values that are basically variances and I need to rank them from 1 to 5 - regardless of positive or negative  "as well as" colour these variances in RED & GREEN based on value is positive or negative.


      What I have done so far:


      Step 1: I converted all my variances in to absolute values using ABS function


      Step 2: I created 2 calculated fields (A) for Ranking based on these absolute values & (B) for colouring actual values ( NOT abs values ) based on if it is positive or negative


      Step 3: I applied Ranking in filter & put colour CF in to colour shelf


      & Result is ... I have ranking reset by each colour.  Please see screen shot example ( in created in excel )







      What I want to achieve:

      I want Ranking to stay consistent i.e. ignoring colouring


      Hope this makes sense.