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    VizAlerts Installation

    Nilakshan Ganeshalingam

      hey team,


      I am trying to install VizAlerts and when I right click and hit run as admin, the CMD opens up and runs a few things quickly and turns off. Then nothing happens. I am assuming I am installing it incorrectly, how should I be installing it?

      I used this link here to download: Releases · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub

      Installing v2.1.1 since we are running Tableau 2019.1.3




      Thank you

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          Jonathan Drummey



          VizAlerts requires a certain amount of configuration, so to help you we need to know what step are you at in the installation guide? install_guide.md <https://github.com/tableau/VizAlerts/blob/master/docs/install_guide.md>



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            Nilakshan Ganeshalingam

            Thank you Jonathan for replying....disclosure to everyone here, I am new to tableau admin world and I am more of a visional learner. That being said, I have a few questions below:


            1) Where in the document (VizAlerts/install_guide.md at master · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub) should I start to follow for a fresh install of Vizalerts? My goal with Vizalerts is to set up alerts to get excel (.csv) files attached to the user's email when users subscribe to any dash.

            2) In this document here (Releases · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub) I downloaded the blue link that reads vizalerts.zip file then I right clicked and extracted the files. Then clicked into the folder and found the .exe file and hit run as admin. After this point, nothing happens. Am I going about this the wrong way?

            3) Are there any videos of the installation and the configuration of Vizalerts?

            4) Would anyone like to connect via video chat on this? Just to chat regarding best practices and the correct way to go about it.


            Thank you

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              Matt Coles

              Hi Nilakshan!


              1.) VizAlerts/install_guide.md at master · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub , but you'd be well-served to read the prerequisites section first.

              2.) VizAlerts will not work until you've run through the installation steps. There is no graphical user interface, it's strictly a command-line tool--and you'll want to launch it from a Powershell or CMD prompt, rather than launching vizalerts.exe directly.

              3.) Nope.

              4.) For direct engagement on getting VizAlerts set up and working, in your case I would recommend working with the Tableau professional services team. They can give you the hands-on help that you'll need to get this working.

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                Nilakshan Ganeshalingam

                Thank you Matt, the information you provided helped me a lot. I am editing the vizalerts.yaml file because I am running into errors. When you get a chance, please see screenshot below on the error message.

                I have 2 questions regarding this:

                1) Please let me know I am correctly installing the software.

                2) I also have to configure the Trusted Ticketer (I got the .html file to work) but vizalerts doesn't like it. Is there something else I have to do? Maybe get a certificate?


                I really appreciate the help everyone is providing, thank you again.

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                  Jonathan Drummey



                  If your Tableau Server is configured to require SSL then you’ll need to configure VizAlerts as described in the Install Guide, I’m thinking that’s the most likely reason why you’re getting the failure to connect error.


                  Secondarily you need to make sure that the system you are running VizAlerts from is added as a trusted host on Tableau Server.



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                    Nilakshan Ganeshalingam

                    Thank you Jonathan.

                    Is this where I would configure the SSL?

                    And do I Add Vizalerts where it says required? If so, what information do I need from VizAlerts so I can enter something in the blank box?

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                      Matt Coles

                      Nilakshan, it seems like you might be new to Tableau Server administration. Is that the case? If so, I want to recommend that you spend some time with our free online training videos, and/or our eLearning offering, and/or some classroom or webinar training. It's important that you know how to set up Tableau Server to be secure, and that when you set up VizAlerts, you are also ensuring that all information is being kept safe. In general, VizAlerts is not a tool I would want someone new to Tableau Server setting up, because besides the friction involved with the install and usage, you can open up security holes if you are not careful. Again, I'll recommend our Proserv team to you to assist and make sure that no mistakes are being made.