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    How to Visualize Select all that Apply Survey Responses?

    Salena Soria

      Hello everyone,


      I am working to visualize question responses from a survey my company has conduct. The problem I am having is with the questions that contain a select all that apply format.


      I have been able to make a sum for each response option and combine those into one sheet. However I am here to ask if there is a way to color the bars that I have created into different colors? I would like to differentiate the rows into either acceptable index or unacceptable index with colors. I can easily do this with questions that are not select all that apply, shown below:

      But can not seem to do it with the Select All formatted questions. Instead when I try I receive this:



      For this example, I want to change the color of Q2_G only to orange. I have dragged the Q2_G column to color, but that just darkens all the bars, then I tried to drag the original dimension that should be just those responses, however, then for some reason items are highlighted in each bar. The numbers are all correct in how many responses were received per area, so I do not understand why Q2_G seems to be linked to all the other summed calculations.


      I have attached a sample data file. I am using Tableau 2019 version.


      Please let me know any advice you all have on how to disconnect each row and how to color the one bar by itself.