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    Help filtering out specific dates (holidays) out of work day count

    Ryan Davis

      I have a dashboard I'm building where I need to calculate hours utilization by month.  The calculation needs to take into account only weekdays and needs to exclude holidays.  The difficulty I'm running into is the only dates I have available to use is every Sunday (week starting).  I created the following calculated fields to create the beginning and end of the applicable month;


      And count the number of weekdays using this calculation;


      All that gives me the right number of weekdays.  But, after that I'm stumped on how to remove the below listing of holidays.  If I had an actual effective date, instead of a week starting date for each transaction, I could easily add these holidays in to my report and filter them out.  Any ideas?



      1/1/2019New Years Eve
      2/18/2019Presidents Day
      5/27/2019Memorial Day
      7/4/2019Independence Day
      9/2/2019Labor Day
      12/23/2019Christmas Break
      12/24/2019Christmas Break
      12/25/2019Christmas Break
      12/26/2019Christmas Break
      12/27/2019Christmas Break
      12/30/2019New Years Eve
      12/31/2019New Years Eve