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    BI manager for a small company: tableau online might fit

    Mohamed El Hamrouni


      I am responsible of BI for a small company. So I manage this on my own and I look for a one full solution on the cloud.

      Do you think Tableau could fit this ? What I would like to have :

      ** Connexion capability with external DB elephant postgree sql => to import into Tableau online

      ** Need to transform, shape, aggregate data via a data preparation feature (data management add-on would be great as it looks very interesting,...)

      ** Tableau reporting with scheduled reporting

      ** Capability to export data out of Tableau online to export to Machine Learning solution (Knime or Azure AI).

      ** capability to embedd reports into customer existing website.


      As you can see, I look for a solution 100% Cloud. Could you please help me in this please?


      I hesitate between QlikSense Cloud or PowerBI Service.



      Kind Regards,