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    How to display latest ISO week data by default when opening workbook?


      I am trying to figure out how to use the Tableau function of displaying the data for the latest week when worbook is open, but instead of the Date field, using a calculated field of ISO (see screenshots below).


      Basically I'd have my ISO week in a filter and every time the workbook is open, the latest ISO week should be selected, instead of the one left off when the workbook was closed. In my workbook ISO week (field name: yearIsoWeek) is a string.

      This would work for the Week of logDate in my example below, because Tableau allows for the option of "Filter to the latest date value when workbook is open". However, the client absolutely asked to use ISO Week in my filter because the week structure doesn't match between ISO and Tableau's way of calculating the week.


      Any input is welcome.