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    Dashboard Filters - Select filters doesnt bring out top 5 based on filter

    Bon Tang

      Hi all,


      come across a bit of an issue with my dashboard. Basically i have a dashboard with a number of overall related filters.




      My issue comes in the Pie chart - the pie chart itself filters on Top 5 DVCID, when i filter on the TPR failure type - Common, and select the DVF middle bar in the member count by DVF volume (the 28 bar) the TOP 5 DVFs by volume (pie chart) does not change to the figures i expect. It doesn't focus on those 28 members (can compare against the DVC Breakdown Table - i expected the top 5 of them to show).


      I know there are alot of filters used in this particular view, but i tried remving the 'apply to context' to the Count range and it changes, to show the pie chart to 28 but it only shows 2 rather than the 5 so im unsure if its actually possible to make this view correct.


      any help would be much appreciated


      12.06.19 b.PNG