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    Alerts get sent when schedule is changed

    Daniel Lawrence

      Tableau Server 2018.1

      Desktop 2018.1


      Has anyone else had this problem?  I have a Viz subscribed to a schedule and it is running perfectly fine but then when I change the schedule timing the Viz gets activated as if i had selected "Run Now"?



      Today is 6/11/19 and I had a viz that is supposed to send out monthly on the 9th of the month.  It was scheduled for 1130 am and I changed the schedule to 2pm without changing the date.  The viz sent out 5 minutes later as if I had hit run now.


      Do I need to unsubscribe from the viz before changing a schedule and then resubscribe to avoid this?


      Thanks as always for your input and insight!


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          Matt Coles

          Hey Daniel. Yes, this has happened in the past as an artifact of how VizAlerts uses the Tableau Server scheduling data to determine when to run. It's been a long time since I've looked at that portion of the code, but let me look into it and see if I can figure out what we can do to avoid it, because I think there's a better approach that we can take.


          You can manually avoid it in two ways. First, as you mentioned, you can remove all the VizAlert subscriptions you want to switch to a different schedule, wait a few minutes to ensure VizAlerts removes them from it's state file, then re-assign them. Alternatively, you can stop the VizAlerts scheduled task, clear out the ops\vizalerts.state file completely, save it, move the alerts to their new schedule, then resume the scheduled task.