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    a moment of silence

    Alex Vinot

      I will probably get banned for saying this, but
      One of the worst software companies I have dealt with (salesforce) has just bought one of the best - Tableau !


      My perspective is a technical one, being a software developer and architect, and a designer and implementer of intranets, and online reporting for many decades.

      I have purchased several licenses and had my clients do so also over the years.


      I have has always been impressed with Tableau, but NOT by salesforce.


      Tableau made me smile when spending time with her, integrating with her and developing with her over the past dozen years or so.

      At times I got busy with others as life has lead me down various paths,
      from custom software to Crystal Reports and Excel charts,
      from to google charts to jqplot,
      from Looker and Sisense to Amazon QuickSight.


      But Tableau and I are like old friends whose mutual feelings did not wither from spans of absence, but
      instead made our hearts grow fonder. We have spent more time together recently, which makes this news all the more upsetting to me.


      I can only hope that the diamond that is Tableau - her founders, coders, designers, developers and all the wonderful amazing people of the Tableau community, and all those other anonymous users out there
      who share our love of all that Tableau was and is and should be - will continue to shine in the years to come.


      Salesforce : PLEASE take care of old dear friend that you have "acquired", and let her brilliance light the way for a brighter future for us all.