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    vizalerts.exe  is hanging (or taking extremely long time to complete)

    Rich Gesler

      Tableau 10.0   VizAlerts 2.1.0


      Our set up was working until the Admin user on the VizAlerts server changed password.  We have tested that Trusted Tickets are generating.  There seems to be no useful info under vizalert\logs or on the Tableau server logs\vizqlserver\vizql*.log


      We have tried executing vizalerts.exe from the command line after suspending all scheduled tasks but it just sits for over 30 mins before we kill it.


      Our question:  Are there any switches that can be set when executing the vizalerts.exe from the command line to see what it is attempting to do?  Maybe an interactive mode of some sort?  Or if there is a better way of diagnosing our situation any advice would be appreciated.