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    Upload CSV into Tableau Server

    Marco Mistroni

      HI all

      i was wondering if  the only way to upload CSV files in Tableau server is to use Tableau Desktop

      we are exploring automated way to upload CSV report into tableau and i was wondering if there is a programmatic way to do that as we dont want to spend time doing manual operations


      kind regards


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          Eric Brennan

          Place the Excel file in a drive share that the tableau service account has access to. You can use desktop to setup the initial excel load. Create an extract from it. Then set the extract to refresh on a regular schedule. Tableau service account will need access to the folder. We have multiple excels files. Users update them on a regular basis and then tableau refreshes the extracts either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on need. No need to 


          Hope this helps.

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            Mark Wu

            Using Box is another alternative. Tableau server/Desktop has Box connector. Box has a feature to upload Excel or CSV via email automatically. Here is how to set it up:


            1. Go to your Box, enable "Allow uploads to this folder via email" feature
              • Right-click (or click the "...") the folder where the your Excel is uploaded, and click Settings.
              • On the Folder Settings page, under Uploading > Email Uploads, check the box next to "Allow uploads to this folder via email"
              • Check Overwrite same-name files when uploading by email or widget.
              • Click Save Changes in the upper-right to apply your settings - do not forget this important step!
              • Copy the unique email for your Box folder.
            2. Now you have an unique email, send your Excel or CSV to this email, the attachment will be uploaded to Box folder automatically.