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    Server on AWS not using public IP but private

    Johannes Sommer

      Hi All,


      I am trying to install Tableau Server on a single node on AWS.

      The instance runs with Amazon Linux 2. I use ssh-key to connect to the instance using the public id (via putty).


      When I install Tableau Server, it assigns the private IP to the server like https://something.internal:8850/.

      However, I cannot use the private IP to connect to the server via internet. How can I configure Tableau to use the public IP which can be accessed via internet.


      Also, when I try to move on using tsm command line I get an connection error while initializing the topology.

      tsm initialize --start-server --request-timeout 1800


      Initializing the server...

      Job id is '1', timeout is 30 minutes.

      3% - Validating that there are no pending changes.

      6% - Generating passwords.

      10% - Generating search server ssl certificate.

      13% - Generating Elastic Server SSL certificate.

      17% - Generating Key Management data.

      20% - Promoting configuration.

      24% - Waiting for services to reconfigure.

      27% - Generating new asset key.

      31% - Saving asset key.

      Running - Initializing the topology.





      Any clues?

      Thank you very much.