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    Data Modelling in Tableau - when you are a PowerBI User

    Raymond Pocher

      Hello Community


      I am mostly a PowerBI User but want to work with Tableau also. A lot of clients have it in place and I guess one needs to be more flexible. However, I do have one major issue understanding the workings of Tableau. In Power BI I am used to load my tables and visually connect them to each other. I can arrange my fact tables, dimension tables, I can create a star schema - all this is visually presented with tables and cardinality lines. Hence, at a glance I understand the structure of the underlying data model.


      In Tablau I have a hard time understanding how to create a data model, a star schema and where to find a visual representation of all my tables. Suppose I have to create connections between 40+ tables. How is that achieved, how can I maintain a good overview of what is happening?


      I appreciate any new impulses