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    Tableau -a Blank Row

    Sandeep Varma

      Hi Geeks,

      Dimension PHASE has 3 values: Total Market, Addressable, and Available & want have 4 values: Total Market, Addressable, Available and Dummy.

      In Detailed: Report has a Funnel chart and Funnel should break down in to 3 categories (as per the Dimension) with 3 distinct colors

      User wants to see 3 colors in the below Chart (Please find the TWBX attached),

      Here the Dimension PHASE shows: Total Market, Addressable, and Available.

      When I use this PHASE, Addressable not coming in Red. So I added a Dummy Row to get the 3 colors,  that means now PHASE has 4 values: Total Market, Addressable, Available and Dummy

      It’s working if I use Excel Data and but I need to switch to the Oracle data, where we don’t have this ‘Dummy’ Row and they are not going to add in Database as its iterative change in PROD.

      So, I am checking to see, is there any way to mimic to get this in Tableau

      Please find the TWBX.