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    2019.2 WDC QT Chromium-based browser?

    Jackson Perry

      According to the news page for the WDC GitHub page, 2019.2 was supposed to bring a Chromium-based QT WebEngine version of the browser Tableau uses for WDC's.


      Under "The reason for this change":

      "Web Data Connectors use an internal browser in Tableau called Qt WebKit. In Tableau 2019.2, Web Data Connectors will use Qt WebEngine (a Chromium-based browser), a significant upgrade over Tableau’s current browser. WDC developers will benefit from this upgrade with the ability to use modern JavaScript, and Chrome developer tools for debugging WDC code."

      However, after updating to 2019.2 I see no difference in the browser. No Chrome developer tools, no ES6 support, same identical-looking browser.


      I was hoping this was going to be upgraded since my WDC requires third-party OAuth authentication that is not supported by QT WebKit (go-figure).

      Tableau Support said WDC support from Tableau Technical Support is very limited and no one could give me an answer as to why WDCs are still using QT WebKit and not QT WebEngine (Chrome).

      Pretty frustrating since we scheduled a Tableau Server upgrade that took 2 hours only to find out this feature is non-existent in 2019.2.


      Am I missing something here?
      I don't see anyone talking about this and support has no idea what's going on with WDCs.