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    Advanced Alert - Can it be subscribed by someone other than owner of workbook?

    Ashesh Verma



      I have a workbook in which I have added "Email Action" field in the layout but there is no "Email To" field as I want do not have a static list of people whom I want to send the alert to.


      I am able to subscribe and receive alert from this workbook for myself but when I try to subscribe it from someone else it is failing with the following error.


      General errors:
      You must be the owner of the workbook in order to use Advanced Alerts.



      I understand that Advanced Alert can only be subscribed by the owner of the email. Does it mean that this alert will not work even if I subscribe the workbook or someone else?


      Some more information which would be helpful for you all to suggest me a solution:

      • My Dashboard has few quick filters and depending on those my "Email Action" calculation changes
      • I am creating Custom Views with different filter values so that my "Email Action" works on top of these filters


      Lastly and with a fear of being a stickler, My requirement is if I can get this workbook to be sent to multiple people by subscribing from server, the job would be done.

      There are some constraints because of which I cannot use "Email To" field.


      Please suggest.