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    help regarding percentage of total

    Shresti  Jaiswal

      Hello everyone.



      Please Help me with this.



      I have a store data, where there are multiple salesman. Each salesman have some salary. I want to analyse their productivity.

      I have another column called target i.e the target for that day (for that category), SALES column etc.

      I have to see what percent of salary a particular salesman is having from the total percentage of salary given to all the salesman. then that percentage of an individual salary will be the target for him to achieve of the total target sale which will be 100.

      what calculation should I require for that.


      Suppose in the data set you can see that the salesman code 1 is having salary of 5000 per month. But whenever sales man 1 sells anything the data is captured and along with that his salary is also repeated.

      But in 1 month the salary of salesman 1 is only 5000, despite of how many times he appeared in the database. Same is with everyone.

      If you calculate, then you can see that the salesman 1 is having 0.85% of the total salary given to all the salesman. So the target which he should complete, should also be 0.85% of total target.



      i am attaching the data set here