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    Tableau 2019.2 Upgrade

    Melissa Janta-Lipinski



      We are planning for the Tableau server 2019.2 upgrade, and we have started using Tableau in the last six months.  Our Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop is at version 2018.3.3.  1 x Server and 3 x Desktop on-premises licenses.


      Is it recommended to create a Tableau test environment to test the upgrade changes?  I have found the Tableau test environment setup guides on the Tableau website.


      We are interested in using the new Tableau home page features, as it would be useful for our end users to navigate and find their dashboards easily.


      Thank you


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          Most users who are having tableau server ,will test their upgrade in a test environment first to primarily check if everything is working as expected.

          I am sure you have seen the below info please step by step and ensure you meet all the criteria before upgrading your prod.

          Test the Upgrade - Tableau




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            Mark McGhee

            Agree with comments form Satish in that it would be good to try out the newer version in a Test environment prior to upgrading Production.   At a minimum, it would be best to validate say the Top 20 used dashboards as well as any executive dashboards.   Per the EULA, the same Tableau Server licenses keys can be used for one Production and two non-Production environments.  Some organizations will then have a Dev / Test / Production but some only really need two environments like Test and Production.

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              Melissa Janta-Lipinski

              Thanks for the information. I will arrange for Information Services to setup a test environment for Tableau. I am from a software development background, and used to the Dev / Test / Production environments.  I have read the information Tableau has provided on setting up a test environment.  I am looking forward to trying the new features in Tableau.