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    Alerts running at UTC

    Martin Ocando

      We are at UTC-5, and I'm aware that there is a known issue with Postgres and how it manages timezones, although this was not happening before. I believe it started happening after upgrading to 2018.3. The schedule is set for a daily run at 6:15 AM, and it was running fine. Then a user reports that they are getting the alerts 5 hours late. So checking the VizAlertsConfig workbook, the next run time for that alert is indeed 11:15 AM. I went and changed the schedule to run daily at 1:15 AM, and now VizAlertsConfig reports that the next run is due to 6:15 AM.


      What happened?
      Is it a new configuration parameter in TB server that I missed?


      I don't want to go and change all alerts to UTC-5 manually. Is there a way to fix this?


      Thanks for your help.