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    Server Load of Live Connection Versus Extracts

    lucas labuda

      Our IT department is requesting that we take action to minimize server strain.


      Currently, there is a cap of 24 hours for shortest extract cycle on our system, IT does not want to shorten it.


      Parts of our project would benefit greatly from more frequently updated data.


      We are trying to determine if a live connection would put more or less strain on the server than an hourly refresh cycle. Would a live connection put more/less strain than a 24h extract refresh cycle?


      All of our projects use the same Data source: a custom SQL query that pulls information from a handful of online databases joined to a very simple custom SQL consisting of a list of dates.

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          yiyin ma

          Hey Lucas,


          How much load will your live connections be? I would say 'LIVE' connection is always highly depended on how well your source db performance does. e.g. how many concurrent session allowed in db and how fast is your csql returns.


          So in your situation, my opinions is if number of live connections is less then 24 (hourly refresh in a day will be 24 times), and each time the rendering time for each workbook is excepted. Then LIVE might be better else I would definitely suggest 'Extracts'.