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    Saving Views

    seif saleh

      Hi all,


      I am deploying Tableau Server, and some of the users are saving customized views.


      I can't identify a behaviour for the views when I publish a new dashboard, for example do they stay saved ? Are the updates  of the new published version  refelcted on the views ?


      Can you please guide me to a documentation on the views if it's available ?


      Thanks !




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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Seif.  Yes, saved views are retained upon publishing a new version of the workbook (with the following qualifiers).


          - the workbook name stays the same within the same site


          - if you add visual elements to the dashboard, then these should be reflected fine with the saved view


          - Custom views save the metadata associated with what the user chose (i.e. selected filters, sorting, parameters, etc.).  So sometimes they can break if you're changing elements of the dashboard upon publishing.  Example that we recently ran into.  Dashboard "x" has filter on client name.  Users save views with specific client names.  Dashboard "x" is modified and republished except the filter has now changed to "client name + client id".  Custom saved view still has filter on client name.  There is a mismatch and the custom saved view needs to be recreated.



          Let me know if this helps...

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            seif saleh

            Thanks Jeff,


            That's so helpful. I have a filter of grouped values, I noticed that when I

            update  the grouping it doesn't get reflected into the view,  do you think

            that's normal ?





            On Thu, May 16, 2019, 17:25 Jeff Strauss <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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              Jeff Strauss

              Yes.  I think that's normal since the grouping gets saved as part of the custom saved view.