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    Spread measure across the other values in a dimension (e.g. shared cost across other teams)

    Zach Yates

      Hi all,

      This is my first time posting in the forums. I've tried searching different variations of my problem and haven't found any similar threads or maybe I'm just bad at describing it (maybe you were confused by the title).


      I am trying to find a way split shared costs equally across the other teams. I've attached a basic example workbook and included a view of the data below. In this example I am trying to split the Team Shared cost equally to Teams A, B, and C (so $333.33 per team). To identify the Team Shared cost I have tried using If calcs and dividing that by the distinct count of teams minus 1. This calculation works fine when the Team filter is set to all, but if I select Team A, B, or C it errors out (which makes sense with the reference to Team Shared). I don't know of another way to identify this cost or to try to make the shared cost amount a fixed values that ignores the reference to Team Shared when filtering by team.


      Team A100
      Team A200
      Team B200
      Team B200
      Team C300
      Team Shared1000


      Example for expected result, Team A's total cost would end up being 633.33 (300+333.33)


      I'm hoping this is possible inside of Tableau. We are on 2018.3.


      Thank you,