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    How to Zoom (Drill Into) Table Calculations

    Nikki Peacher

      I have a customer request to be able to drag select to zoom into data of an area chart, but the chart value is a running sum table calculation.


      (Recreated Issue from SuperStore Data)

      Here was our first attempt at creating this feature using a normal filter action.




      The zoom select worked but because of Tableau's order of operations, the table calculation restarts at zero defeating the purpose.



      So we tried using set actions, and this was the result:


      Because we wanted to return the running_sum of the value in the IF statement, we had to aggregate the set as well.

      When sets are aggregated it, they do crazy things like seen above. (Calculation: IF Max([Zoom Set] THEN RUNNING_SUM([Number of Records]) END)



      Then we tried pulling the table calculation out of the IF statement and put it in the pill so we could remove Set aggregation.

      Everything looks good thus far:


      Until we zoom:


      And now we are back to where we started.


      Any ideas or suggestions on how to make this drag select to zoom feature happen on table calculations? I would be extremely grateful!!!