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    Toggle between Year, Quarter, and Month with Table Calculations




      I want to make the following graph where the viewer has the option to expand the graph to view by Year, Quarter, or Month by selecting the +- buttons located in the bottom left of the graph.


      However, the calculations need to be calculated at a level of 'Description' and then summed for each Invoice Date . To accomplish this, I have used a table calculation to 'Restart every Quarter'. If the viewer changes the graph to display by Month, an error will occur.

      Note - I cannot use Level of Details such as {FIXED: ... } because the data comes from a Server and Google Sheet.




      Is there another method to complete this in which the viewer can toggle between the different times?

      Additionally, how do I turn the dots into a continuous line?


      Please see the attached workbook.

      Thank you!

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          Stefanie Niemzok



          the problem is that you tell the table calculation to make use of "Quarter of Invoice Date". Once you toggle between different times, let's say to "Month of Invoice Date", then "Quarter of Invoice Date" disappears and the table calc becomes invalid. When you uncheck that box in all table calcs toggling works. With your example data the data does not change but I do not know if that's the case with your real data.


          About the turning the dots into a continuous line: you need more data points. Right now your Qty*Price(runSum) is broken out by Description where you got only one data point for each description over time.


          Does this help?