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    Rank Tie Breaker

    Naveen B

      Hi ,


      I am creating rank tie breaker but unfortunately not getting


      1) Rank Profit


      2) Rank Sales:


      3) Rank Profit + Sales


      current O/P:


      Expected O/P


      if we see Rank 10 is repeating for the 3 customers , in that case i want to take sales in to consideration and increase the rank accordingly



      Rank Profit + SalesExpected O/PCustomer NameRank ProfitRank SalesSalesProfit
      33Tamara Chand12190528981
      55Raymond Buch23151176976
      1011Adrian Barton5514,4745445
      1012Sanjit Chand37141425757
      1010Tom Ashbrook64145964704
      1213Hunter Lopex48128735622


      after increasing the Rank if any one the rank is equal to already presented rank then need to increase or left as it is.


      File v: 2018.3