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    Aggregation problems driving you mad?

    Tim Beard



      I'm sure that what I'm writing here will not help all users battling with the various error messages about which there are plenty of posts here on these forums (can't aggregate an aggregate, no table calculations in an LOD calculation, etc., etc.). But I just wanted to share my breakthrough. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to fix such issues over the past couple of weeks.


      The tips that helped me (and I hope I remember next time I'm having such problems) are:


      I had been building up calculated fields one step after the other in a logical sequence, but one of the key results I wanted at the end of this chain was not possible to calculate due to the dreaded aggregation errors of various sorts. After a mental break, I came back and wrote out in words what I wanted to achieve:

      • Going back to the source data: What is the grain of the data? See presentation above.
      • Which combination of fields allows me to uniquely identify the cases I'm looking for?
      • Which field contains data to help me work out the result I want?
      • What test should I apply to that field?
      • Which fields should I ignore or filter out?


      In the end, I used with a fairly simple calculation to work out how many products were fully compliant according to a number of compliance tests: SUM({FIXED [Date], [PROD_ID]: MIN([Compliance])})


      Hope this helps. The questions is whether I'll remember this next time I'm fighting with aggregate errors!



      p.s., this post helped me to understand roughly where my problems were coming from, but didn't provide the answers I needed. Worth a look anyway.