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    Using SDK API - TDE_RuntimeError: error converting utf32 to utf16: 10

    Ian O'Shaughnessy



      I'm getting a strange error when using tableau SDK API 2018.3 on Mac 10.14 with Python 2.7


      (Edit: this forum seems to also have trouble with unicode. The "polish" var is supposed to contain a Polish flag emoji, eg: "     Polish")


      # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
      from tableausdk import Collation, Type
      from tableausdk.HyperExtract import ExtractAPI, Extract, TableDefinition, Row
      import os
      os.environ["TAB_SDK_LOGDIR"] = "/tmp"
      os.environ["TAB_SDK_TMPDIR"] = "/tmp"
      filename = "/Users/ian/Desktop/t_error.hyper"
      if os.path.exists(filename):
      polish = u"     Polish"
      hyper_extract = Extract(path=filename)
      # Define table schema
      schema = TableDefinition()
      schema.addColumn("category", Type.UNICODE_STRING)
      hyper_extract.addTable("sample", schema)
      handle = hyper_extract.openTable("sample")
      # Write row
      row = Row(schema)
      row.setString(0, polish)
      # Close file



      libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type TDE_RuntimeError: error converting utf32 to utf16: 10


      The error seems to only happen when using 4 byte unicode sequences, 3 byte and smaller work fine.


      Any ideas?