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    Fiscal year formatting

    sunil joshi

      Hi All,

      Can we format FY dates in the tableau??

      My requirement is to show FY 2017 as FY 2016-17, FY 2018 as FY 2017-18 so on. How can I achieve this??

      I have attached workbook also.





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          Ken Flerlage

          You'd need to create a calculated field in a string format. Unfortunately, in calculated fields, date fields don't account for the fiscal start month that you've configured, so the calculated field would first need to account for that. I'd suggest starting with a calculated field to give you fiscal year:


          Fiscal Year

          // Calculated fiscal year.

          IF MONTH([Period])<4 THEN






          Then you can create another that formats this.


          Fiscal Year String

          // Format fiscal year as FY YYYY-YY

          "FY " + STR([Fiscal Year]-1)  + "-" + RIGHT(STR([Fiscal Year]),2)



          See attached.