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    Custom FY for sheets

    sunil joshi

      Hi All,

      How I can create Custom fiscal year headers in the tableau. Right now, below is the current header but I want to create it like FY 2016-2017, FY 20117-2018, and FY 2018-2019.

      Please suggest how to do that.

      Sorry can't upload workbook it is too heavy.


      Thanks in advance!!



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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Sunil.


          I'd suggest two calculations. The first to compute the fiscal year as a number. The second takes the number, and generates the range.


          [FY (Number)] (assumes fiscal year begins in July):

          YEAR([Order Date]) + IF MONTH([Order Date]) >= 7 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


          Change the 7 (July) to whatever month your fiscal year begins in. Next generate the header:


          [FY Header]:

          'FY ' + STR([FY (Number)]) + '-' + STR([FY (Number)]+1)



          or using Superstore data:


          Does this help?


          Best regards,