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    why parameter list is so slow to render in Tableau Online

    He Ye

      I have a parameter control which takes value from a very long list. I have noticed significant performance difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online.
      I attached a screenshot where I expanded the "ticker region" parameter. This is a parameter which takes value from the column in my CSV file. There are more than 70000 values in

      the drop down of this parameter.


      When creating this dashboard in Tableau Desktop, the parameter control reacts to user click almost instantly. After user clicks on it, the dropdown appears immediately. However, when the workbook is published to Tableau Online,

      it takes almost forever for the dropdown to come up, the entire web page also gets frozen if user clicks on this list.


      I have seen this issue before where certain visualizations are just super slow to render in Tableau Online compared to Desktop. Anyone has any idea that causes this and possible solutions? Thanks