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    Does a Tableau Online Site Administrator need to have a Tableau Online Creator Desktop License?

    Joe Lipski
      • We have 9 Tableau Online Creator Licenses and 100 x Tableau Online Viewer Licenses.
      • We want someone from IT to manage Tableau Online (projects, permissions, etc.) and therefore be a Site Administrator, but this person will NOT be a desktop user, just manage the Online Site.
      • I know from Tableau Online Roles that to be a Tableau Online Site Administrator you need to either be a Creator or Explorer and NOT a Viewer.
      • We don’t want to waste one of our desktop (Creator) licenses on just administering Tableau Online, so the questions is, can one person have the Desktop Creator License and the other have the Online Creator licenses (from the same Creator license).
        • If this is the case, I’m assume the person with the desktop licenses but missing the Online part wouldn’t be able to publish content.


      If anyone knows the definitive answer to this or has experienced similar then feedback will be greatly appreciated.




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          Brandon Babbitt

          Hi Joe Lipski,


          A Tableau Online Site Administrator can be a Creator but they are not required to be.  Per the article you linked, the Site Admin can be set to either "Site Administrator Creator" or "Site Administrator Explorer."


          However, based on the licenses you have purchased, since you do not have any Explorer seats, the Explorer role would use up one of your available Creator seats, as any site roles assigned in excess of what you are licensed for will attempt to use a higher seat available.  For example, if you assigned 8 users to the creator role and 1 user to the explorer role, that would use up all 9 of your creator seats because the explorer role would use up the higher creator seat.  There is no option for Site Administrator Viewer.


          Additionally, the Tableau EULA requires that each named user be assigned their specific license/seat.  Assigning a creator seat to a user who does not have a matching Desktop Creator license would not be in compliance as the license would be shared among multiple users rather than the single named user.


          I would recommend discussing further with your Tableau Account Manager so they can review your use case and how many users you will need.


          Hope this helps!


          Brandon Babbitt

          Senior Technical Lead

          Tableau Server & Desktop Certified Associate

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