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    OKTA + Tableau - Add Users

    Dv P



      I am working on putting my Tableau Server behind OKTA.

      If I set up a user in OKTA to use Tableau Server, I have to manually add the user on Tableau server.

      How do I link the two so that I can avoid adding the same user 2 times?

      Has anyone come across this issue and been able to resolve it?


      Thanks in advance!


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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Dv.  You should be able to deploy SAML and link Tableau authentication to OKTA this way.  See these instructions.  Configure SAML with Okta - Tableau

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            Dv P

            Thanks Jeff. The link you provided suggests adding users 2 times.

            • First, I have to add the user as mentioned in 'step 5' under 'Add Tableau Online to your Okta applications' section

                      "Click Assign > Assign to People and click the Assign button beside each user you want to approve for single sign-on access to Tableau Online."

            • Second, I have to add the same user on Tableau site as mentioned in 'step 2' under 'Add users to the SAML-enabled Tableau site' section.

                    "Complete the SAML connection by adding the users you assigned in the Okta admin console to Tableau Online"



            Is there a way to avoid doing this 2 times? Ideally, if I add a user to OKTA (bullet 1 above), it should automatically add the user on the Tableau site (bullet 2 above).



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              Jeff Strauss

              I'm not familiar with OKTA, but is it customizable at all?  If so, then you could have it call the Tableau REST API Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau to add the user automatically to Tableau.

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                Shankar Narayanan SGS

                If you have Windows AD, it is easier. You can link Tableau to import Windows AD group and you can provide the same group in Okta access to the Application. After setting up SAML both the usernames will be same and you would just need to add users to the AD group and they would be able to use the app.



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