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    Vizalerts failing to execute properly -Error generating trusted ticket. Value of ticket is -1

    Harish Edida

      Hi, We have disabled the Viz-alerts sometime ago and re-enabled them recently due to server performance issues, Now after re-enabling them turns out to be issue as we keep on getting below error message:

      We have added the trusted hosts ip and everything on to the Tableau server.


      However the viz alerts in configured on another node. Is there still something we keep missing. Any help would be appreciated.


      UserWarning generating trusted ticket: Error generating trusted ticket. Value of ticket is -1. Please see http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/trusted_auth_trouble_1return.htm Request details: Request details: Server: xxxxxxxxxxxx, Site: , Username: xxxxxxx, Url: https://xxxxxxxx/trusted, Postdata: username=xxx.xxx.xxx.com%5Cxxxxxx.