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    SUM IIF CONTAINS multiple conditions?

    Connor Freeman

      I'm trying to sum a measure when a string contains two specific substrings, or, alternatively, sum a measure when two dimensions meet a specific condition. I've completely overbuilt additional measures and dimensions trying to break this down into simpler steps, but to no avail. I'm not having success either with a SUM IF AND statement or with a SUM IIF CONTAINS statement.


      On the [Sheet 8] tab, as an example, I'm trying to SUM [Users] when 'RETURN maxViews' = 'maxViews: 5' AND 'RETURN totalViews' = 'totalViews: 5"'. One failed effort is in the measure 'Unique High-Propensity'.


      (If I were particularly adept, I guess I would shorten the RETURN maxViews and RETURN totalViews dimensions to a value instead of a string.)


      Feel welcomed to roast me. I have thick skin and everything is an opportunity to learn.