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    Filter a view by current day, week starting Sunday, Monthly starting the 1st.

    Cynthia Derksen

      I have found two discussions one titled Day, Week, Month - filter view by Stephen Groth and answered by Alexander Dawson (Sept. 14, 2018).

      The steps were to make a parameter then followed by a DATETRUNC to filter the date.    This didn't work for me.  I would like to have the daily show the MAX([Date])

      problem is I couldn't get that to work in the formula.


      The next suggestion that I found was to create custom dates for the different time frame but MAX([Date]) wouldn't work again.  So, here I am  the value of MAX([Date]) will always be

      yesterday.  My source is one day behind.  I am attaching a workbooks and I am using version 2018.2


      My reason for needed the yesterdays date selection is that I want to set up a subscription for the daily view.