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    How to autopopulate parameters off user selection

    Jason Anderson

      I have an issue I ran into and I am hoping that this can be done.


      What I am doing is based off of project numbers I am generating a list of wells and their XY Coordinate locations.  From here I am able to create a report of wells within a user specified radius.

      What I was wanting to see if it was possible, was instead of manually having to type in all of the XY coordinates, was to be able to have the end user select the row (WELL_NME) and have the X Coordinate and Y Coordinate parameters auto populate with the data that is corresponding to those wells.  It would also be amazing to be able to do this by clicking on the Proj Nm and have all the wells associated to the XY Coordinates be listed, but I am not sure how you would go about this with having several different XY locations.