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    Percent calculation with date feilds

    Robert Granda

      Hello Tableau community,


      I am 5 days new into this product.  I do reporting using Excel and  find tableau very interesting.  At its simplest level, I like to replicate one of my reports in tableau and have not been able to do so. Hope this forum will be tolerant as I go through the training on this site.


      Simply put in my excel document I have four date column fields.  As someone enters a date, the fiftieth column documents the percentage accordingly.  Hence when all 4 fields have a date the last column marks it as 100%  useing the following excel formula =IFERROR(1/(1/COUNTIF(E4:H4,"<>")*4),"")


      So I understand that there should be a created calculated field to make this happen but not able to wrap my head on the syntax that needs to be used.


      Hope to hear from someone.