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    How to show the gross of movies with respect to genres when a movie can have more than one genre?

    Yunkun Chen

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to Tableau. Recently I am trying to do some visualization on an movie metadata dataset. I want to figure out the total gross of movies in different genres in the past 100 years.


      I have an attribute "genres", which contains the genres that a movie belongs to. I use the split function to split the column into three columns. Using the first splited column, I can get a table like this:

      But what I want is to use all these three splited columns of "genres". I mean, if a movie have "Action, Advanture, Comedy" in "genres", then it will contribute to three lines: Action, Advanture and Comedy. Currently I can only make this movie contribute to the line of Action (which is in the first splited column).

      So, what should I do to achieve this? Thank you very much.