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    Send mails through Vizalerts that are not sent previously

    Pooja Sarnaik

      Hey Matt,

           As for now I will not be able to share the .twbx file as it contains company's data.I will try to create a dummy data and share if possible.



      Also we are facing one more issue.We want to send mails through Vizalerts that are not sent previously(send only new triggered conditions).


      We have a trigger condition which says send mail when there is new record in the database.So the issue is we have kept one hour frequency of a vizalert schedule ,so if there are 4 new records email will be sent,after some time if there is one new record emails will be sent for 5 records.I want to send mail for one record only,as mails for previous records were already sent.


      Can any one help on this?

      Thanks in advance

      Matt Coles

      Jonathan Drummey

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          Matt Coles

          Pooja Sarnaik, please add new questions that you have as new threads. I've branched your question form the last thread into a new one for you.


          The simple answer is: Run your VizAlert on the hour (:00) every hour, and set a relative date criteria for the alert to look at Previous Hour. This will run very soon right after the current hour starts, and limit the emails that are sent to  only those database records added in the previous hour, ignoring anything that came before.


          This is a good technique because even if your alert runs late--say at ten minutes past the hour--you are still looking at the same window of time. In fact, if you aren't 100% sure that the data will make it into your database when the events actually occur (say that a record actually that  says it was created at 4:15 actually becomes available in the database at 5:01), you can simply adjust your hourly schedule to run later in the hour to give it some buffer time. So if you knew that records would become available no later than 30 minutes after their created time reflected, you could set the hourly VizAlert to run on the :30 mark of every hour. Then, the record that said it was created at 4:15 but actually becomes available at 5:01 would still be picked up by the alert when it runs at 5:30.


          The relative date filter can be applied as a filter in your viz (with the disadvantage of hiding other contextual marks that might be helpful to see for troubleshooting), or as a criteria in your Email Action trigger.

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