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    Calculating a proper Gini Coefficient as an LOD(?)

    Paul Albert

      I've been trying to recreate the solution for calculating a Gini Coefficient as suggested here - Gini Coefficient .


      However, what I really need is to calculate the Gini value for members of a dimension.  Rather than the solution proposed above which calculates the Gini across all members of the dimension shown, I'd like a discrete value for each member.


      For example, the post cited above produced the following (I get different values in the current version of Superstore).

      Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 4.47.01 PM.png


      What I really need to do is calculate the seperate Gini Coefficient  for each member of the dimension (Envelopes, Office Furnishings, etc.) without showing the underlying constituents.


      What I'm headed to is an analysis comparing Gini Coefficients of different things.  (E.g., comparing the inequality of sales by number of orders for Envelopes vs. Office Furnishings, etc.)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks to the community!